Most people agree we produce the very best Coaches – so we like to offer Apprenticeships to the best of our students who have shown commitment and enthusiasm throughout the course.

Offering full time Apprenticeships means there is a direct route into full time employment when students finish our education or Elite Academy programmes.

Apprenticeships are 1-2 year duration providing additional qualifications, further European learning trips, involvement is exciting football-related events including International Showcases and projects with professional Football Clubs, leading to full time permanent employment on our own coaching team for all successful Apprentices. Former ex-students are now in senior positions within the company including Lecturers (following University), Business Development, Elite and Senior Coaches.

We place some of our new Apprentices into schools.  Due to our education courses offering upward of 500 hours work-based learning, this means David Campbell Soccer Apprentices are both fully trained and come with extensive experience in coaching a range of sports to a variety of abilities.  Because of the range of work-based learning during the courses, our Apprentices are confident and equipped to fully facilitate all aspects of in-school and after school sports provision effectively, with the required experience, expertise and qualifications already in place to deliver a full range of sports projects.