Junior Talent Academy

As specialists in football coaching, we have a long and positive history of identifying the most gifted players who we believe have a genuine opportunity to potentially consider a career as a professional player.

We have trained, supported and placed numerous quality players into Clubs such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Everton, Blackburn Rovers, Manchester City and many more. Players we have coached include Marvin Sordell, Olympic GB Squad and current England Under 21 International, plus Ireland’s Under 17 International Player of the Year, Frankie Sutherland. Numerous other young footballers are already attached to some of the Premier Leagues top Clubs having come directly through our own David Campbell Junior Talent Academy.

Access to the Academy is generally by invitation only with all players being identified from our many courses and events or through schools.

The unique David Campbell Talent Academy is an exciting resource for young players with the desire and skill to consider becoming a professional football star. Being entirely independent, this means we can nurture an exceptionally gifted child in a knowledgeable environment, allowing players to develop naturally and maintain a love of the game whilst also helping them to maximise their potential and ultimately place them with the most appropriate club for their playing style. Our award winning coaching team understand the pressure, demands and sometimes disappointments a gifted young player can face. The right support and guidance is essential in their development and future Club attachment.

We also run non-Junior Talent Academy programmes at the same time and venue as our elite groups, so aspiring players will benefit from top class pitches (usually Astroturf) and a professional environment while also being inspired by other highly talented players in nearby groups. This is especially useful for siblings of talented players as they can also be coached (although in different groups) at the same venue and time.

Each course consists of a 1 hour session each week for 20 weeks and includes warm-up / cool down, coaching techniques and skills, plus a competitive match at the end of every session. The cost is equivalent to only £4 per session (£80 for 20 weeks) and can be paid securely online using credit / debit card or Paypal. Open to girls and boys age 4-16 years.

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If you have been offered a complimentary trial session or if you are not yet certain of your local venue / time details, please fill in an enquiry form and a member of our coaching team will contact you. If you would like to apply for a course and know the details of your local Talent Academy, please use the booking form

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What to Bring

Football strip or shorts and T-shirt / Sweat top or tracksuit / Trainers and football / boots (if available) / Towel / Rain jacket / Cap / Sunblock (if hot weather)

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